Who we are

Fajrul Islam is a community based organization that promotes and spread Islam as a complete, balanced and comprehensive way of life in especially predominantly non-Muslim areas.

To uplift the moral and ethics of the weaker Muslims and outreaching them in areas, where Muslims are scattered.

To enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong in all facets to the Muslim community and to actively promote and propagate Islamic teachings and to adopt all means for the achievements of this objective in accordance with Shri’ah.
To develop vocational training capability and to target the unemployed in township community.

Financially; Fajrul Islam centre depends on the local donors through Zakat, Lilah, Sadaqah, etc.

  1. The founder and director is Sheikh Sulaiman Salama – PHD degree in Dawa – MA degree in translation..

  2. Fajrul Islam Centre is operating since 1993and registered as a non profit organization to promote Islam in South Africa.

  3. Fajrul Islam Centre consists of four branches at the moment and caters for more three hundred learners a day..

  4. We have been granted the tax exemption certificate –PBO – which means Public Benefit Organization under section 18..

  5. We work among the black, white and coloured communities..

  6. We run a daily program from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm which consists of two sections: crèche and adult classes from 8:00 am until Zuhur Salah and school going (boys & girls) from 2:30 pm until 5:30 pm..

  7. We run a feeding scheme to all the learners daily.

  8. We run refresh Islamic courses to those who are born Muslims..

Fajrul Islam Dawa Centre Gallery